What's Happening


August 26th
Sri Ganesh Chathurthi - Sri Krishna Jayanthi combined puja and celebrations; please have young boys dressed as Bala Ganesh or Sri Krishna and young girls as Gopikas!

September 16th
Devi puja (with Kumari and Sumangali puja)

September 20th - 30th
Devi Navaratri celebrations in homes

Please mark in your calendar future events of Deepavali and Skanda Sashti from our calendar. Devi Temple Puja dates will be announced later

Any devotee who donates to the Devi Temple $1000.00 or more beginning July 1st, 2017 will be presented with one Silk Saree as a token of appreciation

Oct 2018

Nava Ratri

On eve of Saturday, Oct 20th, at the Kanapaha Middle school Nava Ratri was celebrated.

Oct 2017

Diwali Celebration

​On eve of Saturday, Oct 14th, Devi Temple celebrated Diwali at the Kanapaha Middle school.

Oct 2017

Jathiswara - 10th Annual Recital

​On eve of Saturday, Oct 21st, at the Cofrin Theatre Sri Krishna - The Yogeshwara - annual recital was performed.

8009 SW14th Avenue, Gainesville Florida 32607

April 2017

Sri Rama Navami

On April 5th, Sri Rama Navami was celebrated at the Kanapaha hall with the festivities and Puja. Everyone enjoyed the day. There was storytelling and performance of Rama's life.

Mar 2017

Holi Celebrations

A lot of community members attended the Holi celebrations. It was an all-around fun for family and children. Following the celebrations, a small Puja was held.

Feb 2017

Shiva Ratri Celebrations

The highlight of the celebrations was the singing of the Bhajan Group. There was also food and Puja