Executive Board Message

Dear Devotees,

We would like to thank all the members of our executive board and members of various advisory and other committees for the contributions to the Devi Temple of Florida. With your help, we plan to build on our previous efforts and make this year even more successful. This year we would like to achieve several important milestones. This includes major fundraising activities, acquisition of land, and construction of a temporary structure to start activities in our own building. As you know for the past several years we have been conducting several pujas and activities in the Kanapaha Middle School in Gainesville.

We are happy to report that in JULY 2017 with Shri Devi's Blessings we were able to acquire a beautiful piece of property for our temple in the City of Newberry Florida

We have several hundred devotees who come with their families regularly for puja events. With the help and tireless efforts of our members and executive board, we have successfully completed 81 pujas over the last several years. The activities of the temple have become a regular feature of our communities' lives and have given our children knowledge and their parent's and grandparent's happiness because of the ability to impart and continue our cultures and traditions. We are requesting all our devotees to contribute generously to help build our temple. Remember good Karma leads to Dharma and your good destiny.

Many of you have been contributing selflessly to our pujas for years. We want you to talk to your friends and at present, we are looking for Grand Donors and founder donors to build the temple. In our Policy Section, we have a breakdown of various sponsorships available such as founding donor, Parivar sponsor, etc. Your donations will count towards your recognition but more important towards the legacy of your life.